Habitats flottants Acropora®

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ACROPORA floating mooring stations, habitats and diving stations are an economical solution for areas facing a growing demand for on water habitat, facilities and mooring stations. They are easy to built and supplementary to the infrastructure of the resort on land. As floating habitats they do not need any space on land, can be towed easily from one place to another and are built on site with local labour and engineering. Underwater vision can be added on specific modules which upgrades in a significant matter the sales value of the habitat.

From an ecological point of view ACROPORA does affect very little it’s environment. Floating on top of the water it does only need 6 anchors or piles to be fixed on the ground, limiting the impact on the seabed. State of the art technology connects ACROPORA to sophisticated evacuation and garbage systems, the marine environment is kept clean. The habitats can be towed to another place to allow areas to recover if they are in need.

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